Product compare app is displaying the products with similar traits in a tabular format making it easier to compare. Presenting comparison parameters in a format easier to analyze than going through descriptions product by product.


Product Compare App will decrease bounce rate in your store, and increase window shopper to customer conversion rate. Your customers will love this easy to use Shopify app in your store and you will grow a loyal customers base.

24/7 support

We at NextGenLabs provide you with 24/7 assistance by our support@nextgenlabs.co e-mail service. We will be there with you every step of the way in the implementation and management of the app in your Shopify store.

Pricing plan

We provide you with 14 days of testing and decision-making period to see if we are good as we say. After that, we will charge you only $14.99/month. We are successful only if you are satisfied with our Product Compare app.

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